Julia Heine  Hello! I’m Julia Heine. I’m glad to see you on my web page. Here you can find the information about myself.

In addition to the High school in parallel I accomplished the course at an evening arts school. As a child I dreamed of becoming an artist. However, despite this, I got a degree in Economics graduating from the Institute of International Economic Relations and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. At the same time I began to get involved in photography and soon felt the need for building a more systematic knowledge in this area.

Of course the job of a photographer is not the same as that of an artist. If we compare a photography with a painting, then a painter who creates it, has more time and freedom to bring their personal attitudes to the portrayed object – the way they see it. A photographer has only a second to create this painting by catching the immediate moment, which can’t be changed later.

Before starting my professional education in photography, I had already had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve as a photographer. That’s why I chose the Faculty of Photography and Photojournalism at Moscow Academy of Public Administration.

Now having a state diploma, I still continue to attend specialized workshops and seminars to further improve my skills and learn new techniques in the area of photography.

My favourite genre of photography is the genre of reportage, which does not mean I am not interested in other genres. I believe that the skills required in reportage photography, such as a quick reaction and the ability to anticipate developments and also being able to catch the most interesting and crucial moment, are also important in other genres.

I think that skills of a photographer lie in the ability to convey in a static image the atmosphere of an event, to show the mood of the people, their real genuine emotions – everything that makes pictures alive and eye-catching and leaves them for a long time in our memory.

It’s the works that best speak about a photographer - with my photoworks you can get familiar in my gallery.

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